Professional Dog Grooming


At Canine Clipper we are collecting milk bags. They are cut up and either woven or crocheted together by many church organizations to create mats (as shown in the picture below).  These mats are typically sent overseas to less privileged countries, however we are looking for outlets at homeless shelters in our region to also distribute them. 

The following is a letter written by a member of the church organization:

This story begins a few years ago.  I take my dog Benji to Canine Clipper.  I chatted to Elissa Moreby and told her of the milk bag mats program.  I asked her if it would be possible to display the milk bags mats at her shop and if she'd be willing to collect the milk bag mats for us.  She agreed readily and our mats have been on display there since then.

Then on Saturday October 17, 2015 a miraculous story begins to unfold.  A client brought his dog into Canine Clipper for his grooming appointment.  Said client and Elissa chatted for a long while about all kinds of subjects. The client kept watching this display of milk bags intently. When he returned to pick up his dog, he asked if it would be possible for him to take a mat. Then he explained why he wanted a mat. On a ravine near where he lives he'd seen a small tent and a man living there. This man was sleeping on a piece of cardboard. The client took the mat and he went to the ravine and approached this man. Then he explained why he was there and gave him the mat. This man was so appreciative he had tears in his eyes. Said client called Elissa and told her of this unbelievable feeling of helping out that he had to call and convey his thanks