Professional Dog Grooming

 Grooming Procedure

Pre-Bath Clip

The length of the hair is removed to the rough desired finishing length.

The nails are clipped as short as the quik will allow us.

In-between the pads are shaved clean of hair.

Ear Cleaning

Most dogs have hair growing inside the ears,so we  carefully pull out the hair.

*The hair grows into the ear canal causing the wax to build-up which can cause a yeast infection,making the ears very itchy and smelly.

We then apply a few drops of all natural ear cleaner to remove any debri and soothe the ear.


The dogs are then bathed with an all natural shampoo.

Regular,Medicated,Oatmeal,or Specialty shampoo,such as flea,skunk,etc if necessary.Most dogs are on the flea program,so we see very few flea problems. Skunks on the other hand,have become quite a nuisance in the past few years.Remember that any skunk treatment you may administer to your pet,the odor can linger up to six months,especially when the pet gets wet.

Natural conditioners leave the coat soft and manageable.

The dogs are then kenneled for about 15 minutes under a quiet drier that blows warm,not hot air,then let out to run around and air dry.

The long haired dogs are hand dried to prepare the coat for the finishing clip.

Finishing Clip

The finishing clip requires much hand scissoring to ensure a beautiful finish to your specifications which is always discussed with the client before hand so there are no surprises except for pleasant ones.


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