Professional Dog Grooming


Canine Clipper Mascott,Danielle the Golden Doodle is 10 years young.Her secret is lots of exercise and plenty of love.She also requires constant grooming to ensure her coat remains in top condition.Fantastic family pet and loves children

                          Canine Clipper

Canine Clipper was established in Cambridge April 1994,with the mission of becoming a highly respected grooming establishment. Our objective is to ensure the safety,loving care, and proper groom for your pet. We take the time to  discuss the groom with you before leaving your pet with us. We will call if we feel that changes have to be made to the groom before we proceed. You may call at anytime to see how your pet is doing.We make sure that we are aware if there are medical or physical issues.


Canine Clipper has won 2 consecutive first place readers-choice awards, among others. We also take in students from local schools to  help them with their learning skills. We recently had students over from Ireland to see how things are taught in Canada. What a great bunch they were. Our doors are always open. 



We specialize in Golden Doodles and Labra-Doodles

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